The Transition

10:12:00 PM

You ever look around and notice that your peers appear to have it all together. You know, they're flourishing in their careers, getting engaged, buying houses and even paying off debt. Then you go to evaluate your own life and you're looking for a new job, are on and off with your boyfriend every two months, and still deferring your student loans after having graduated two years ago. The struggle couldn't seem more real. 

Now you're out here looking for advice and everyone keeps telling you the same old things. "Everyone's journey is different, your time is coming, work hard and be patient, blah blah blah." I know it gets old and you're thinking it all sounds good but it's the truth. You can't compare your place in life to anyone else's. 

I like to refer to this period of our lives as the transition. Right now you feel as though you should have it all figured out and life should be peachy, but in reality most of us don't have a clue what we're doing. At this point many aspects of my life are trial and error. I have no idea what I want to do with my career, I'm hoping for a miracle when it comes to these loans, and I'm just praying for a man that's not attached at the hip to his friends. 

What I'm trying to stress is that your ride in life will NOT mirror that of others. There's no point in making comparisons because our accomplishments occur at different times in our lives. I believe that where you are right now is preparing you for the next step. Learn to be content but not complacent. Continue to work hard and strive for better but also appreciate how far you've come. 

The transition may not be easy but I encourage you to take this time to experiment and learn as much as you can. While change and growth are taking place you want to be open enough to receive it. 

"We are unique individuals whom experiences may differ. Learn to embrace the transition for your future holds something bigger."


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