Dig Deep

12:08:00 PM

At times we all need someone to talk to. You know outside advice and opinions can help us see things from a different perspective. Saying things out loud to a listening ear can make situations more clear.

And on the other hand there are those moments where we have to search within ourselves for the clarity that we seek.

Having good friends to lean on is great but at what point do you depend upon yourself? When do you step back and say "I'll figure this out on my own?" When do you learn to quiet the white noise and trust your instincts?

I'm learning that if you dig deep and consult with yourself things can be revealed to you. You have to be patient and open to receiving it. Trust that the answer is in front of you and you're capable of recognizing it.

I encourage you to take some time to yourself without external influence. This way you aren't tainted by the factors that surround you. It isn't always a bad thing to analyze a situation. Think about it and trust your gut in regards to how to move forward.

Basically what I'm saying is take the responsibility to make decisions for yourself. In most cases you are the one whom has to deal with the consequences of your choices. It's okay to ask for guidance from people you trust but don't base your resolve solely upon it.

Dig deep and look within, you are the confirmation you seek!

Love Ty

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