From a Place Within

12:00:00 PM

From the depths of her soul 
she longs for your heart
A bond so tight
nothing can tear it apart

A relationship like friends
you know the kind full of fun
A love so deep
there's no doubt you're the one
From breakups to makeups
and all the struggles in between
Communication so strong
your grass is always green
You try to fix what's broken
you never give up
You fight everyday 
for the blessing of love
From the depths of her soul
her mind is set on you
Living without rules
when there's so much to lose
Passionate in her approach
not afraid to get lost
Vulnerable yet happy
determined at any cost
From the depths of her soul
she gives you her all
Although you may stumble 
she won't let you fall

*I decided to speak to you a little differently in this post than in my last few. I know what this poem says to me but I'd be more interested in knowing how you interpret it. Let me know how it made you feel, what things came to mind, and what it's saying to you. Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, and ask questions.

Love Ty

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